U.S. Virgin Islands

The U.S. Virgin Islands, an unincorporated territory of the United States, consist of the main islands of Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas, along with numerous minor islands. Known for their vibrant culture, breathtaking beaches, and lush tropical landscapes, these islands are a popular tourist destination, offering a unique blend of natural beauty, historical sites, and modern luxury. The region's rich history, influenced by Danish colonization before becoming a U.S.

territory in 1917, is evident in its architecture, festivals, and cultural traditions, making it a fascinating blend of Caribbean and European heritages.

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day 1

Exploring Beaches and Local Cuisine

morning:Start your day with a refreshing morning swim at Magens Bay, one of the most stunning beaches in the Caribbean. After that, head to a local cafe for a delicious breakfast and a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

afternoon:Spend the afternoon snorkeling at Trunk Bay and taking in the mesmerizing underwater world. Later, stop by a beachside restaurant to savor some flavorful Caribbean seafood dishes.

evening:For a vibrant evening, head to Red Hook for a lively night-out, where you can enjoy a mix of live music and dance at one of the beach bars.

day 2

Island Adventure and Culinary Delights

morning:Embark on a scenic hike up the Virgin Islands highest point, Sage Mountain. Enjoy the breathtaking views at the summit followed by a satisfying brunch at a local farm-to-table restaurant.

afternoon:Continue the adventure with an exciting zipline tour through the lush rainforest of St. Peter Mountain. Afterward, indulge in some artisanal chocolates and locally made ice cream.

evening:Unwind in the evening with a stroll through downtown Charlotte Amalie and treat yourself to a gourmet dinner at a waterfront bistro.

day 3

Historical Discovery and Sunset Views

morning:Begin your day with a visit to the historic Fort Christian, the oldest standing structure in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Afterward, enjoy a delightful brunch at a charming cafe nearby.

afternoon:Explore the fascinating artifacts and exhibits at the Virgin Islands History Museum. Then, take a leisurely walk along the waterfront and delight in a scoop of homemade gelato.

evening:Witness a mesmerizing sunset at Lindbergh Bay Beach while sipping on tropical cocktails at a beachfront bar.

day 4

Relaxation and Island Flavors

morning:Treat yourself to a rejuvenating morning yoga session at Coki Beach, followed by a delightful tropical fruit smoothie from a local beachside stand.

afternoon:Indulge in a relaxing spa treatment at a luxury beach resort spa, rejuvenating your mind and body. Later, relish an array of Caribbean tapas and colorful cocktails at a beachfront restaurant.

evening:End the day with a sunset cruise around Buck Island, offering serene views and an opportunity to revel in the tranquility of the surroundings.

U.S. Virgin Islands Famous Food

Must-Try local dishes

Conch Fritters

A popular appetizer made with locally harvested conch meat, mixed with batter and spices, then deep-fried to golden perfection. Served with a tangy dipping sauce. Best enjoyed at beachside shacks and local eateries.


Johnny Cake

A beloved snack or side dish, Johnny Cake is a dense, slightly sweet fried bread that pairs perfectly with seafood or stews. Look for it at bakeries, roadside stands, and breakfast spots.


A nutritious and flavorful soup made from leafy greens, okra, coconut milk, and various meats or seafood. This hearty dish is served in many local restaurants and is a must-try for visitors.

Food Markets & Street Food

A food market and street food guide

Cruz Bay Market

Located in St. John, Cruz Bay Market offers a fantastic array of fresh produce, local spices, and Caribbean ingredients. Visitors can sample delicious street food such as roast pork and grilled fish at the nearby food stands.

Vendor's Plaza

This bustling market in St. Thomas is a hub for street food, with vendors selling an assortment of local delicacies like pates (savory turnovers), fungi (a cornmeal-based side dish), and grilled lobster. A great place to immerse in the local food scene.

Dietary Restrictions

Navigating dietary restrictions locally

Vegetarian and Vegan

While seafood plays a prominent role in the local cuisine, many restaurants and cafes in the U.S. Virgin Islands offer vegetarian and vegan options, such as flavorful vegetable stews, plantain dishes, and fruit smoothies.

Vegetarian, Vegan


Visitors with gluten sensitivities can find suitable dishes in the local dining scene. Many establishments accommodate gluten-free needs by offering dishes like grilled fish, fresh fruit platters, and rice-based meals.


Restaurants & Cafés

Best places to eat and drink in U.S. Virgin Islands

Gladys' Café

Nestled in Charlotte Amalie, this charming cafe is known for serving delectable Caribbean fusion dishes, including seafood platters, jerk chicken, and a variety of vegetarian options. The vibrant atmosphere and live music add to the dining experience.

The Terrace Restaurant

Situated in Christiansted, this restaurant offers a sophisticated take on Virgin Islands cuisine, with an emphasis on using fresh local ingredients. The menu features a range of seafood dishes, tropical cocktails, and gluten-free selections.

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