French Polynesia

French Polynesia is a picturesque collection of over 100 islands in the South Pacific Ocean, renowned for its stunning lagoons, white- and black-sand beaches, and verdant peaks. It's a French overseas collectivity, with Tahiti being its most famous island, celebrated for its vibrant Polynesian culture, luxury resorts, and dynamic landscapes ranging from coral reefs to volcanic mountains.

This remote paradise attracts adventure seekers and relaxation hunters alike, offering activities from snorkeling and diving in its crystal-clear turquoise waters to exploring ancient temples and enjoying the local cuisine.

Day plans

Spend a day exploring around

day 1

Exploring the Lagoons

morning:Start your day with a peaceful paddleboarding session in the crystal-clear lagoons. Don't miss the chance to spot colorful marine life below the surface. Grab a delicious breakfast at Le Fare Hana and then head to the Matira Beach for some relaxation.

afternoon:Indulge in a delightful seafood lunch at the waterfront restaurant Snack Matira. Afterward, take a boat tour to explore the stunning coral gardens and enjoy a swim in the warm, azure waters.

evening:Experience a captivating sunset at the Bloody Mary's Bar & Restaurant. Enjoy a variety of freshly caught seafood dishes and unwind with live musical entertainment in the evening.

day 2

Trekking and Cultural Immersion

morning:Embark on an invigorating hike to the Belvedere Lookout and immerse yourself in the lush tropical landscapes. Refuel with a scrumptious breakfast at Snack Mahana and don't forget to try their famous crepes.

afternoon:Visit the Tiki Village to gain insight into the traditional Polynesian lifestyle and watch mesmerizing cultural performances. Savor a flavorful lunch at Le Tiki Bar with a panoramic view of the island.

evening:Unwind with a delightful dinner at La Bounty and revel in the enchanting Polynesian dance performances under the starlit sky.

day 3

Water Adventures and Island Hopping

morning:Embark on an exhilarating jet ski tour around the island, exploring hidden coves and encountering breathtaking marine sceneries. Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast at Snack Pélicano, known for its delectable tropical fruit bowls.

afternoon:Delight in a scenic boat trip to the neighboring island of Moorea and indulge in a delectable seafood lunch at Moorea Beach Café. Spend the afternoon snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters and sunbathing on the pristine beaches.

evening:Relish a delicious dinner at La Villa Mahana, a charming restaurant nestled in a lush garden setting. Sample their exquisite French-Polynesian fusion cuisine and savor the intimate ambiance.

day 4

Relaxation and Spa Day

morning:Start your day with a rejuvenating yoga session and meditation overlooking the serene ocean views. Treat yourself to a heavenly breakfast at Kaina Hut beachside cafe, offering a rich blend of tropical flavors.

afternoon:Indulge in a pampering spa retreat at the InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa, where you can experience rejuvenating treatments and luxuriate in the tranquil overwater bungalows.

evening:Unwind with a delectable dinner at Matira Beach Restaurant while relishing the panoramic sunset views. Later, head to Lucky House for a vibrant night of dancing and cocktails with a lively atmosphere.

French Polynesia Famous Food

Must-Try local dishes

Poisson Cru

A Tahitian specialty, Poisson Cru is a refreshing dish made with raw fish marinated in lime juice and coconut milk, often accompanied by vegetables and served chilled. It's a must-try when visiting French Polynesia. You can find excellent versions at food stalls, beachside cafes, and local restaurants across the islands.


Firi Firi

These small, sweet coconut-flavored doughnuts are a popular Polynesian treat often enjoyed for breakfast or as a dessert. They can be found at local bakeries, markets, and food stalls.

Poisson Cru

Another Tahitian favorite, Po'e is a traditional dessert made from bananas or pumpkin, mixed with coconut milk, and then baked or steamed. Look for Po'e at traditional Tahitian feasts, known as 'tama'ara'a', or at local bakeries and family-run restaurants.

Food Markets & Street Food

A food market and street food guide

Papeete Market (Marché de Papeete)

The Papeete Market is a bustling hub of activity offering a wide range of local produce, crafts, and food. Visitors can sample various local dishes, fresh fruits, and artisanal products at the market stalls. Don't miss the chance to savor authentic street food such as poisson cru, tropical fruit salads, and grilled seafood.

Dietary Restrictions

Navigating dietary restrictions locally

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

While traditional Polynesian cuisine heavily features seafood, many restaurants and cafes offer vegetarian and vegan alternatives, with flavorful dishes incorporating locally sourced fruits, vegetables, and plant-based ingredients. Visitors can also find international cuisines that cater to vegetarian and vegan dietary preferences.

Vegetarian, Vegan

Gluten-Free Options

Tourists with gluten intolerance can explore a range of gluten-free dining choices in French Polynesia, including restaurants and cafes that accommodate gluten-free dietary needs. These eateries often offer gluten-free versions of traditional dishes and have an awareness of cross-contamination issues.


Restaurants & Cafés

Best places to eat and drink in French Polynesia

La Plage de Maui

Located in Bora Bora, this picturesque beachfront restaurant offers stunning views and a diverse menu featuring delectable seafood dishes, Polynesian specialties, and French-inspired cuisine. It's a perfect spot to indulge in a memorable dining experience on the island.

Le Mayflower

Situated in the heart of Papeete, Le Mayflower is a popular restaurant known for its elegant ambiance and a menu showcasing a fusion of French and Polynesian flavors. The restaurant offers an array of dishes to cater to various dietary preferences, including vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Popular cities in French Polynesia

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