Zimbabwe is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa, known for its stunning landscapes which range from savanna and semi-desert regions to forests and mountains. It is home to the iconic Victoria Falls, one of the largest and most famous waterfalls in the world, and the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, an ancient city that reflects the country's rich cultural and historical heritage.

Despite facing significant economic challenges and political turmoil in recent decades, Zimbabwe remains a country with a strong sense of identity and an abundance of natural beauty and wildlife, including its renowned national parks.

Places to visit

Day plans

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day 1

Exploring the City

morning:Start your day with a walk through the National Botanic Gardens, taking in the lush greenery and beautiful array of flowers. For breakfast, head to the Corner Cafe for delicious coffee and pastries. Don't miss the historical exhibits at the National Gallery.

afternoon:Enjoy a traditional Zimbabwean lunch at the Boma - Dinner & Drum Show, where you can taste local delicacies and experience authentic music. Then, visit the Mbare Musika market to shop for handmade crafts and souvenirs.

evening:For a night-out, head to the Book Café for live music and a vibrant cultural atmosphere.

day 2

Victoria Falls Adventure

morning:Embark on a thrilling helicopter tour for breathtaking views of the iconic Victoria Falls. After the tour, have brunch at the Rainforest Café, situated within the falls area, offering a unique dining experience. Experience an up-close encounter with wildlife at the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust.

afternoon:Take a boat cruise on the Zambezi River, marveling at the stunning landscapes and wildlife along the banks. End your adventure with a visit to the Victoria Falls Bridge, an engineering marvel with historical significance.

evening:Enjoy an evening cocktail at the Victoria Falls Hotel's Jungle Junction while taking in the picturesque sunset over the falls.

day 3

Cultural Immersion

morning:Begin your day with a visit to the Chapungu Sculpture Park, where you can admire and learn about the traditional Zimbabwean stone sculptures. Sample delicious local dishes at the Taliwa Restaurant for a taste of authentic Zimbabwean cuisine. Immerse yourself in the country's history at the Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences.

afternoon:Visit the bustling Mbare Musika market for a vibrant immersion into the local culture and traditions. Explore the Shona village at the National Arts Gallery, where you can witness artisans at work and purchase unique crafts.

evening:Experience traditional dances and live performances at the Harare Gardens Amphitheatre for a captivating end to your cultural day.

day 4

Wildlife Safari

morning:Embark on a sunrise safari drive in Hwange National Park for an opportunity to spot a variety of wildlife, from elephants to lions. Enjoy a hearty breakfast at a scenic picnic spot within the park. You cannot leave Hwange without visiting the Painted Dog Conservation Center to learn about the conservation efforts for these endangered predators.

afternoon:Take a leisurely walk through the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge's nature reserve, observing local wildlife and serene landscapes. Later, enjoy a relaxing boat safari on the nearby Zambezi River, known for its diverse birdlife and stunning riverine scenery.

evening:Unwind with a sundowner on the deck of the Makuwa-Kuwa Restaurant as you watch the African sunset, creating the perfect end to your wildlife adventure.

Zimbabwe Famous Food

Must-Try local dishes


A staple food made from maize meal and often served with a variety of savory sauces, stews, or relishes. Many households and restaurants prepare their own unique accompaniments, offering a diverse range of flavors and textures.



Various types of meat, including beef, goat, and game meats, are popular in Zimbabwean cuisine. Nyama, whether grilled, stewed, or roasted, is a significant part of the local diet and is often seasoned and cooked to perfection.

Mopane Worms

Considered a delicacy in Zimbabwe, mopane worms are caterpillars that are sun-dried, fried, or stewed. They are rich in protein and have a unique taste and texture.

Food Markets & Street Food

A food market and street food guide

Harare Mbare Musika Market

One of the largest and most vibrant markets in Zimbabwe, offering a wide range of fresh produce, traditional ingredients, and street food. Visitors can sample various local dishes and street snacks while immersing themselves in the lively atmosphere.

Victoria Falls Night Market

A bustling market where visitors can enjoy an array of street food options, from grilled meats and maize-based dishes to traditional snacks and desserts. The market provides a great opportunity to experience local flavors in a vibrant setting.

Dietary Restrictions

Navigating dietary restrictions locally

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

While Zimbabwean cuisine traditionally centers around meat and dairy, many restaurants and cafes in urban areas now offer vegetarian and vegan dishes, often incorporating locally sourced produce and creative cooking techniques.

Vegetarian, Vegan

Gluten-Free Choices

Gluten-free options may be less common, but some establishments are attentive to dietary needs and can accommodate gluten-free requests, particularly in tourist-centric regions.


Restaurants & Cafés

Best places to eat and drink in Zimbabwe


Located in Harare, this restaurant offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, serving authentic Zimbabwean cuisine with a modern twist. It's an excellent place to savor traditional dishes in a comfortable setting.

Victoria 22

Situated in Victoria Falls, this restaurant combines stunning views with delectable food. It's known for its diverse menu featuring local specialties alongside international dishes, catering to a range of tastes.

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