Botswana is a landlocked country in Southern Africa known for its diverse landscapes, ranging from the Kalahari Desert to the Okavango Delta, which becomes a lush animal habitat during the seasonal floods. It has a stable democratic government and is one of the continent's most prosperous nations, largely due to diamond mining and tourism.

The country is renowned for its wildlife conservation efforts and vast protected areas, which make it a popular destination for safari adventures.

Day plans

Spend a day exploring around

day 1

Exploring Okavango Delta

morning:Start your day with a peaceful mokoro ride through the tranquil waterways of the Okavango Delta. Keep an eye out for diverse birdlife and graceful antelope grazing by the water's edge. For breakfast, try the delicious offerings at Maun Bakery.

afternoon:Take a nature walk in Moremi Game Reserve, marveling at the abundance of wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. For lunch, indulge in traditional Botswanan cuisine at Sedia Riverside Hotel.

evening:As night falls, enjoy a spectacular sunset over the delta, followed by a memorable dinner at the Boma Restaurant. For a fun evening, head to Old Bridge Backpackers for live music and a vibrant atmosphere.

day 2

Chobe River Safari Adventure

morning:Embark on a dawn river cruise along the Chobe River, where you'll witness herds of elephants and other wildlife gathering at the water's edge. Enjoy a delightful breakfast at the Chobe Safari Lodge.

afternoon:Experience an exciting game drive in the Chobe National Park, encountering a multitude of animals in their natural habitat. For lunch, savor tasty dishes at Thebe River Safaris restaurant.

evening:As evening arrives, relax with a sundowner cruise on the Chobe River, followed by a delightful dinner at Caprivi Restaurant. Afterward, head to Chobe Marina Lodge for an enjoyable evening of classic cocktails and live entertainment.

day 3

Cultural Encounters in Maun

morning:Immerse yourself in the local culture with a visit to a traditional village, where you can interact with the friendly residents and experience their daily lifestyle. Fuel up with a satisfying breakfast at French Connection.

afternoon:Gain insight into the traditional crafts and arts of the region at Nhabe Museum. For lunch, try the delectable offerings at Nhabe Museum Cafe, offering a fusion of local and international dishes.

evening:For a night of cultural entertainment, head to the Kgotla Cultural Village for traditional dancing performances and authentic local cuisine. Round off the evening with drinks at Thyme Out Lounge for a relaxed atmosphere and a variety of beverages.

day 4

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans Expedition

morning:Embark on an exciting quad biking adventure across the vast and surreal landscapes of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, marveling at the unique terrain and striking natural beauty. Stop for a delicious breakfast at Planet Baobab.

afternoon:Visit the historical and enchanting village of Gweta, interacting with the friendly locals and discovering their traditions. For lunch, savor the homemade dishes at Gweta Lodge's restaurant.

evening:As the day winds down, venture to the nearby Ntwetwe Pan for a mesmerizing sunset experience, and then enjoy a delightful dinner at the Gweta Lodge. For a relaxed evening, visit Xau Xai Family Bar for refreshments and local music.

Botswana Famous Food

Must-Try local dishes


A traditional meat dish made from slow-cooked shredded beef, often served with pap (maize porridge) and a side of vegetables. Best enjoyed at local eateries and community gatherings.


Mopane Worms

Considered a delicacy, mopane worms are large edible caterpillars that are often dried, spiced, and fried. They can be found at local markets and street food vendors.


A type of fried bread, resembling a flatbread or pancake, commonly served with various stews and relishes. Available at street food stalls and bakeries.

Food Markets & Street Food

A food market and street food guide

Gaborone Flea Market

This bustling market offers a wide range of food vendors selling local delicacies, fresh produce, and crafts. Visitors can sample traditional dishes and interact with local traders.

Phakalane Farmers Market

A vibrant market where visitors can explore a plethora of fresh fruits, vegetables, and homemade food items. It's a great place to savor authentic street food.

Dietary Restrictions

Navigating dietary restrictions locally

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Many restaurants and cafes in urban centers like Gaborone and Maun offer vegetarian and vegan dishes, often featuring fresh produce, legumes, and traditional culinary influences.

Vegetarian, Vegan

Gluten-free Choices

While gluten-free options may be somewhat limited in rural areas, urban centers and upscale eateries typically provide gluten-free alternatives and are accommodating of dietary restrictions.


Restaurants & Cafés

Best places to eat and drink in Botswana

Bull & Bush Pub

Known for its relaxed ambiance and traditional Botswana cuisine, this pub offers a variety of local dishes and is a great place to sample game meats in a casual setting.

Mokolodi Restaurant

Set in a picturesque location, this restaurant serves a fusion of traditional and contemporary dishes, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Jewel of India

For those seeking international flavors, this Indian restaurant in Gaborone offers vegetarian and vegan options, catering to diverse dietary preferences.

Popular cities in Botswana

Explore local food, attractions and more!

GaboroneFrancistownMolepololeMaunSelibe PhikweSeroweKanyeMochudiRamotswaLobatseGhanziJwanengTshabongKasaneMasungaSowa TownMogoditshaneMahalapyePalapyeTlokwengBobonongLetlhakaneMosopaThamagaGabaneMmoponeMmadinareKopongMetsemotlhabaShoshongNataMopipiLehututuNokanengLokwabeTsauMuhembo