Armenia is a landlocked country located in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia, known for its rich cultural heritage, ancient history, and stunning landscapes, including mountains, forests, and lakes. As one of the oldest civilizations, it boasts numerous historical sites, including the UNESCO World Heritage-listed monasteries and churches that reflect its deep-rooted Christian heritage.

Despite its small size, Armenia has a vibrant cultural life, distinguished by its unique music, traditional dances, and delicious cuisine, which blends influences from both the East and West.

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day 1

Exploring Yerevan

morning:Start the day with a visit to the impressive Republic Square, where you can admire the stunning architecture and enjoy a morning coffee at one of the nearby cafes. Indulge in a delicious brunch at the trendy Dalma Garden Mall.

afternoon:Explore the fascinating History Museum of Armenia to learn about the country's rich cultural heritage. Treat yourself to a traditional Armenian lunch at the renowned Tavern Yerevan.

evening:Experience the lively atmosphere of the Cascade complex and enjoy a night-out at the trendy bars and clubs on Saryan Street.

day 2

Nature and Culture

morning:Embark on a scenic drive to Garni Temple, a stunning Greco-Roman architectural marvel, and savor a delightful breakfast overlooking the picturesque Azat River Gorge. Visit the nearby Geghard Monastery.

afternoon:Head to the scenic village of Areni and indulge in a wine tasting experience at one of the local wineries. Delight in a traditional Armenian lunch at the charming Mkhitarashen Restaurant.

evening:Enjoy a relaxed evening at one of the cozy guesthouses in Vayots Dzor and savor a homemade dinner paired with local wine.

day 3

Lake Sevan Adventure

morning:Begin the day with a serene lakeside stroll along Lake Sevan's picturesque shores and savor a leisurely breakfast at a local cafe offering stunning views of the azure waters. Visit the Sevanavank Monastery.

afternoon:Take a boat ride to the enchanting Sevan Island and experience its tranquil beauty. Enjoy a delicious fish barbecue at one of the lakeside restaurants.

evening:Watch the sunset over Lake Sevan and savor a delightful dinner at a lakeside restaurant while enjoying the serene ambiance.

day 4

Cultural Immersion

morning:Discover the ancient city of Artashat and its historical sites, and enjoy a traditional breakfast at a local bakery. Visit the Artashat Open-Air Museum to explore its archaeological treasures.

afternoon:Immerse yourself in Armenian culture at the Matenadaran Institute of Manuscripts and engage in captivating literary discoveries. Enjoy a flavorsome lunch at a nearby traditional restaurant.

evening:Experience the vibrant energy of the Armenian National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet and indulge in a post-theater dining experience at a trendy restaurant.

Armenia Famous Food

Must-Try local dishes


Khorovats, Armenian barbecue, is a must-try dish featuring skewered, grilled meat, often with a marinade of local spices and herbs. It can be found in traditional restaurants as well as at outdoor markets and street food stalls.



Dolma, a dish made of minced meat and rice wrapped in grape leaves or cabbage, is a popular Armenian specialty. It is often served with a side of yogurt or a garlic-yogurt sauce and can be found in local eateries and family-run restaurants.


Lavash, a soft, thin unleavened flatbread, is a staple of Armenian cuisine. It can be enjoyed on its own, used to wrap kebabs or khorovats, or served with various dips and cheeses.

Food Markets & Street Food

A food market and street food guide

Gumi Shuka (Gyumri Market)

Gumi Shuka in Gyumri is a bustling market offering a wide array of fresh produce, spices, dried fruits, and local delicacies. Visitors can sample an assortment of street food, including freshly baked bread, grilled meats, and an assortment of pickled vegetables.

Yerevan Vernissage Market

Yerevan Vernissage Market is an excellent place to explore Armenian street food such as sujuk (spiced sausage), gata (sweet bread), and an assortment of dried fruits and nuts. The market is also a treasure trove of crafts, artwork, and souvenirs.

Dietary Restrictions

Navigating dietary restrictions locally

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Many Armenian restaurants and cafes offer vegetarian and vegan dishes, with a focus on fresh produce, dairy, and grains. Diners can enjoy vegetable-based dolma, salads, stuffed peppers, and flavorful bean and lentil dishes.

Vegetarian, Vegan

Gluten-Free Choices

Visitors with gluten intolerance can opt for gluten-free lavash, rice-based pilafs, grilled meats without marinades containing gluten, and an array of fresh salads and vegetable-based dishes.


Restaurants & Cafés

Best places to eat and drink in Armenia

Tavern Yerevan

Tavern Yerevan offers a cozy atmosphere and authentic Armenian dishes, including khorovats and various dolma preparations. The restaurant also provides vegetarian and vegan options, making it suitable for diverse dietary preferences.

Cascade Restaurant

Located near the Cascade Complex, this restaurant offers a blend of Armenian and international cuisine with a modern twist. It provides a range of options for diners with dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free and vegetarian dishes.

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