Southport is a suburb located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. It is known for being a bustling commercial and business hub with a variety of shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. The area is also home to the Broadwater Parklands, a popular waterfront park with walking paths, playgrounds, and picnic areas.

Southport is a vibrant and diverse community that attracts residents and visitors alike with its mix of entertainment, dining, and recreational opportunities.

Places to visit

Day plans

Spend a day exploring around

day 1

Exploring the Coastline

morning:Start your day with a relaxing walk along the Southport Broadwater Parklands, taking in the stunning views of the coastline. Then, head to the local cafe near the parklands for a delicious breakfast and refreshing coffee.

afternoon:Spend your afternoon at Main Beach, where you can soak up the sun and enjoy swimming and beach activities. Afterward, grab a quick bite at the trendy beachfront restaurant.

evening:For an enjoyable night-out, visit the Southport Yacht Club to unwind with a sunset drink and panoramic views of the marina.

day 2

Cultural Exploration

morning:Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting the Gold Coast Arts Centre in the morning, where you can explore art exhibitions and performances. Don't forget to try the artisanal pastries at the center's cafe.

afternoon:After the arts centre, take a stroll through the vibrant Broadwater Parklands and enjoy a picnic lunch by the Rockpools. You can also explore the nearby local markets offering unique handmade crafts.

evening:For a cultural night-out, head to Brickworks for live music and a laid-back atmosphere at one of the local bars.

day 3

Family Fun Day

morning:Kick-start your day with a family-friendly adventure at Sea World, where you can interact with marine life and enjoy thrilling rides. Indulge in a hearty breakfast at one of the cafes inside the theme park.

afternoon:Continue the fun at Australia Fair Shopping Centre, where kids can enjoy the play area while you explore the diverse range of shops. Grab a delicious meal at the food court for lunch.

evening:Take the family to Southport Sharks for an entertaining night-out with live entertainment, great food, and fun activities for everyone.

day 4

Nature Escape

morning:Embark on a scenic nature walk at the R.W. May Reserve, surrounded by lush greenery and native wildlife. Stop by the reserve cafe for a wholesome breakfast and organic coffee.

afternoon:After the nature walk, venture to Macintosh Island Park, where you can relax in the peaceful surroundings and enjoy a picnic lunch. Take a stroll through the park's gardens and waterways.

evening:For a serene night-out, head to Marina Mirage and dine at one of the waterfront restaurants for a tranquil dining experience with picturesque sunset views.

Southport's Famous Food

Delicacies in Southport you must try!

Aussie Meat Pie

A must-try iconic Australian savory pie filled with meat and gravy, often served with ketchup.



A popular local fish known for its sweet, buttery flavor, usually served grilled or battered.

Attractions in Southport

Nice places to capture memories

The Spit

Offers panoramic views of the Gold Coast skyline, Southport Broadwater, and the ocean.

Broadwater Parklands

Beautiful waterfront area with picturesque views, walking paths, and photo opportunities.

Southport Pier

Iconic pier offering stunning views of the coastline and perfect for photography.

Seasonal Advice

Best times to visit and what to expect in different seasons


December to February - high temperatures, busy beaches, popular for outdoor activities


March to May - mild temperatures, fewer crowds, pleasant for coastal walks and outdoor events


June to August - cooler temperatures, quieter atmosphere, ideal for whale watching and bird watching


September to November - blooming flowers, mild temperatures, good for nature walks and cycling

Outdoor Activities in Southport

Fun outdoor pursuits

Beach Day at Main Beach

Enjoying the sun, sand, and ocean at the popular Main Beach in Southport.

Cycling along the Broadwater Parklands

Take a leisurely bike ride along the beautiful Broadwater Parklands with scenic views.

Kayaking or Paddleboarding at The Spit

Exploring the calm waters and mangroves of The Spit with a kayak or paddleboard.

Fishing at Gold Coast Broadwater

Relaxing and casting a line at the serene and picturesque Gold Coast Broadwater.

Tipping & Payment

Ensure a smooth experience


Tipping is not a common practice in Southport, Australia. It is generally not expected in restaurants, bars, or other service industries. However, if you receive exceptional service and want to show appreciation, rounding up the bill or leaving a small tip is considered a kind gesture.


In Southport, Australia, payment is commonly made using credit or debit cards. Cash is also widely accepted. Contactless payment methods are becoming increasingly popular, and most businesses offer this option. When dining out, it's common to pay at the table using a portable EFTPOS machine. Online and mobile payment services are also widely used for various transactions.

Local Etiquette

Tips on cultural norms and respectful behavior

Respect for Indigenous Culture

It is important to demonstrate respect for the Indigenous culture of Australia, including the traditional owners of the land in Southport.


Punctuality is valued in Australian culture, so it's important to arrive on time for social and professional engagements in Southport.

Casual and Friendly Communication

Australian communication style tends to be casual and friendly, so it's important to engage in polite and amiable conversations when interacting with locals in Southport.

Things to do in Southport

Unique local experiences...


Safety in the area often reflects a mix of urban living and coastal life. Generally, it is considered a relatively safe place for residents and visitors, with low to moderate crime rates compared to larger urban centers. Local authorities and community programs often focus on maintaining a secure environment through active policing and neighborhood watch initiatives. Public spaces such as beaches and parks are frequently monitored, especially during peak tourism seasons. Some areas may have occasional incidents typical of urban environments, such as petty crime, but serious violent crime rates are typically low. Transportation and pedestrian safety are important considerations, with well-maintained roads and pedestrian pathways. Community events and gatherings are common, fostering a sense of community and safety among residents. For comprehensive safety, it's advisable for individuals to stay aware of their surroundings, especially at night or in less populated areas, and to follow general safety guidelines like securing personal belongings and remaining vigilant in busy environments. Overall, while like any location safety awareness is crucial, residents and visitors can generally feel at ease in their day-to-day activities in this inviting coastal community.

Nightlife in Southport

As the sun sets along the Gold Coast, the atmosphere in Southport comes alive with an array of nightlife options catering to various tastes and interests. Pubs and bars offer a relaxed setting where people can unwind with a drink in hand. Many of these venues feature live music acts, creating an energetic vibe that's perfect for socializing. For those looking to dance the night away, there are nightclubs that play the latest hits, ensuring the dance floors are always buzzing with activity. Cocktail lounges provide a more sophisticated experience, serving expertly crafted beverages in a stylish and comfortable setting. Food lovers will find no shortage of late-night dining options, ranging from laid-back eateries to upscale restaurants. These culinary hotspots often stay open late, offering everything from international cuisines to local delicacies. Cultural enthusiasts can take advantage of nighttime events, such as theater performances, art exhibits, and outdoor cinema screenings. These events add a unique flavor to the nightlife, making it more than just a party scene. The coastal location also means that many waterfront venues allow patrons to enjoy stunning views of the water, adding a serene backdrop to the vibrant nightlife activities. Whether you're a local or a visitor, the nightlife in Southport provides diverse experiences that cater to all preferences.

Costs of Living

The cost of living in this coastal city can vary based on lifestyle and accommodation choices. Here are some typical monthly expenses: 1. Rent: - 1-bedroom apartment in city center: AUD 1,800 - AUD 2,500 - 1-bedroom apartment outside city center: AUD 1,500 - AUD 2,000 - 3-bedroom apartment in city center: AUD 2,800 - AUD 3,800 - 3-bedroom apartment outside city center: AUD 2,200 - AUD 3,000 2. Utilities (electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage): - Monthly average for a standard apartment: AUD 200 - AUD 300 3. Internet: - Unlimited data plan: AUD 60 - AUD 100 per month 4. Grocery prices (weekly): - Milk (1 liter): AUD 1.30 - Loaf of bread: AUD 2.80 - Eggs (dozen): AUD 4.50 - Chicken breast (1 kg): AUD 10.00 - Apples (1 kg): AUD 4.00 - Rice (1 kg): AUD 2.50 5. Transportation: - Public transport monthly pass: AUD 120 - AUD 150 - Petrol (1 liter): AUD 1.70 - AUD 2.00 6. Dining out: - Meal at an inexpensive restaurant: AUD 20 - AUD 30 - Three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant: AUD 80 - AUD 120 - Fast food combo meal: AUD 12 - AUD 15 7. Health insurance: - Basic health insurance plan: AUD 100 - AUD 250 per month These costs are averages and can differ based on individual preferences, location within the city, and changes in the market. It is advisable to conduct personal research or contact local resources for current prices.

Pet sitters in Southport

Relax and unwind while your furry friend enjoys making a new companion!

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