Cambodia, located in Southeast Asia, is a country renowned for its stunning landscapes that range from lush rainforests and rice paddies to white sandy beaches and the mighty Mekong River. It is home to the magnificent Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world and a symbol of Khmer architectural mastery, attracting millions of tourists annually.

Despite its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, Cambodia continues to recover from the scars of its recent history, including the brutal rule of the Khmer Rouge, but strides forward with resilience and an ever-growing economy.

Places to visit

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day 1

Exploring Temples and Local Markets

morning:Start your day with a visit to the breathtaking Angkor Wat, followed by exploring the serene Ta Prohm temple. Grab a delicious breakfast at Sister Srey Cafe.

afternoon:Indulge in local culture by visiting the vibrant Phsar Chas market and take a stroll along the riverside. Savor a sumptuous lunch at Marum Restaurant.

evening:Experience the magic of Pub Street, lined with lively bars and night markets.

day 2

River Adventure and Cultural Immersion

morning:Embark on a boat tour along the Tonle Sap River and discover the unique floating village of Kampong Phluk. Enjoy a delightful breakfast at Blue Pumpkin.

afternoon:Immerse yourself in the traditional Khmer lifestyle at the Silk Farm and Artisans Angkor. Relish a tasty lunch at Chamkar Vegetarian Restaurant.

evening:Unwind with a sunset cruise on the Mekong River, offering spectacular views of the city.

day 3

Historical Insights and Culinary Delights

morning:Delve into the country's history at the National Museum and marvel at the artifacts from the Angkorian era. Satisfy your appetite with a flavorsome breakfast at Brown Coffee & Bakery.

afternoon:Discover the royal residence of King Norodom Sihanouk at the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda. Treat yourself to a delectable lunch at Friends the Restaurant.

evening:Enjoy a night of fine dining and live traditional Khmer music at Romdeng Restaurant.

day 4

Relaxation and Nature Escapade

morning:Embark on a trek through the lush Kulen Mountain and witness the awe-inspiring beauty of the Kulen Waterfall. Start your day with a wholesome breakfast at The Hive Cafe.

afternoon:Engage in a rejuvenating spa session at Bodia Spa, followed by a visit to the tranquil Preah Khan temple. Savor a delightful lunch at Sala Bai Restaurant.

evening:Unwind with a refreshing drink and live music at Asana Bar in Siem Reap.

Cambodia Famous Food

Must-Try local dishes


A popular coconut milk-based curry steamed in banana leaves, typically with fish or chicken, and flavored with lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. Found in local eateries and restaurants throughout Cambodia.


Lok Lak

Stir-fried marinated beef served with a tangy dipping sauce, often accompanied by fresh vegetables and rice. Widely available in restaurants and food stalls across Cambodia.

Bai Sach Chrouk

A traditional breakfast dish consisting of thinly sliced pork marinated in coconut milk and grilled, served with pickled vegetables, and rice. Easily found at traditional morning markets or street food vendors.

Food Markets & Street Food

A food market and street food guide

Phsar Thmey (Central Market) in Phnom Penh

This iconic market offers a variety of local street food, snacks, and fresh produce. Visitors can savor dishes like num pang (Cambodian sandwich) and nom krok (coconut rice cakes) in the bustling market atmosphere.

Angkor Night Market in Siem Reap

A vibrant night market where one can find a plethora of street food options such as fried insects, grilled meats, and Khmer desserts. It's a great place to experience the energy of Cambodia's street food scene.

Dietary Restrictions

Navigating dietary restrictions locally

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Many restaurants and cafes in tourist areas like Siem Reap and Phnom Penh offer vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes. Traditional Cambodian cuisine incorporates a variety of plant-based ingredients, making it relatively easy to find suitable options.

Vegetarian, Vegan

Gluten-Free Options

While gluten awareness is still emerging in Cambodia, some eateries are beginning to offer gluten-free choices. Communicating dietary restrictions clearly to the restaurant staff is advisable to ensure a safe dining experience.


Restaurants & Cafés

Best places to eat and drink in Cambodia

Romdeng in Phnom Penh

Located in a beautifully restored colonial villa, Romdeng serves traditional Cambodian dishes with a contemporary twist. The restaurant is renowned for its commitment to supporting local communities and for its insect-inspired menu.

Marum in Siem Reap

A social enterprise restaurant that offers a mix of Khmer cuisine and international flavors. Marum is known for its delicious food and its efforts in providing hospitality training to disadvantaged youth.

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