Zambia is a landlocked country in southern Africa known for its rugged terrain, diverse wildlife, much of which is found in its numerous national parks and safari areas. Its capital, Lusaka, is a bustling metropolis that contrasts sharply with the vast wilderness areas like the famous Victoria Falls—one of the largest and most renowned waterfalls in the world, located at the border with Zimbabwe.

Zambia's economy is largely based on mining, particularly copper, but tourism and agriculture also play significant roles in its development.

Day plans

Spend a day exploring around

day 1

Exploring the Falls

morning:Start your day with a guided tour of the majestic Victoria Falls, feeling the spray on your face as you walk along the misty paths. Don't miss the Knife Edge Bridge for a close-up view. Try the traditional Zambian breakfast at The Royal Livingstone Hotel.

afternoon:Embark on an exciting helicopter flight over the falls, admiring the stunning aerial views of this natural wonder. Afterward, take a leisurely boat cruise along the Zambezi River, enjoying the picturesque scenery and spotting wildlife. For lunch, visit The Elephant Cafe for a unique dining experience.

evening:Experience the vibrant nightlife of Livingstone at Olga's Italian Corner, known for its delicious food and lively atmosphere.

day 2

Safari Adventure

morning:Set off on a morning safari drive in Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, observing wildlife such as elephants, giraffes, and zebras in their natural habitat. Savor a delightful bush breakfast at the park's scenic picnic spot.

afternoon:Visit the Livingstone Museum to learn about the rich history and culture of Zambia through its diverse exhibits. Stop by Kubu Café for a tasty lunch featuring local flavors and fresh ingredients.

evening:Enjoy a tranquil sunset boat cruise on the Zambezi River, with breathtaking views and the chance to see hippos and crocodiles in their natural environment.

day 3

Cultural Immersion

morning:Engage in a cultural village tour to learn about the customs and traditions of the local tribes, gaining insight into their way of life and traditional practices. Don't miss out on trying the traditional Nshima with relish for breakfast.

afternoon:Participate in a craft workshop to create your own traditional Zambian crafts, guided by skilled artisans. Indulge in a delicious meal at the Balemba Restaurant, offering authentic Zambian cuisine in a welcoming atmosphere.

evening:Immerse yourself in traditional dance and music performances at Mukuni Village, experiencing the vibrant rhythms and energy of Zambian culture.

day 4

Adventurous Escapade

morning:Embark on an adrenaline-pumping whitewater rafting excursion along the Zambezi River, navigating through exhilarating rapids and enjoying the picturesque surroundings. Recharge with a delightful breakfast at Ocean Basket Livingstone.

afternoon:Experience the thrill of a zip-lining adventure through the stunning Batoka Gorge, soaring amidst the scenic landscapes and feeling the rush of adrenaline. Enjoy a satisfying lunch at Frog and Fern Cottages, known for its relaxed atmosphere and delectable cuisine.

evening:Unwind with a sunset horseback ride through the picturesque African wilderness, savoring the serenity and beauty of the landscape as the day comes to an end.

Zambia Famous Food

Must-Try local dishes

Nshima with Tilapia

The national dish of Zambia, nshima is a maize-based porridge that is served with grilled tilapia, creating a savory and satisfying meal. It's a staple on dinner tables and is commonly found in local eateries and restaurants across the country.



Chibwabwa is a delicious dish made of pumpkin leaves cooked in a savory peanut sauce. It's a vegetarian-friendly option and can be found in traditional markets and local restaurants.


Ifisashi consists of greens like spinach or cabbage cooked in groundnut (peanut) sauce, often accompanied by a side of nshima. This dish can be found in local households and eateries, especially in the urban areas.

Food Markets & Street Food

A food market and street food guide

Soweto Market, Lusaka

Soweto Market is one of the largest markets in Lusaka, offering a vibrant array of fresh produce, traditional ingredients, and street food stalls. Visitors can savor local favorites like grilled meats, roasted corn, and savory fritters known as 'vetkoek.'

Kulima Tower Market, Kitwe

Kulima Tower Market is a bustling hub of culinary delights where visitors can explore an array of street food, from savory meat skewers to traditional Zambian snacks like 'cabbage balls' and 'Ifisashi' wraps.

Dietary Restrictions

Navigating dietary restrictions locally

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

In urban areas like Lusaka, larger restaurants and cafes often offer vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes such as vegetable stews, salads, and plant-based burgers. However, in more rural or remote areas, options may be limited, and it's advisable to communicate dietary needs in advance.

Vegetarian, Vegan

Gluten-Free Choices

While Zambian cuisine heavily relies on maize-based staples, individuals seeking gluten-free options can enjoy dishes like grilled meats, fresh fruits, and vegetable-based sides. It's recommended to inquire about ingredients and preparation methods to ensure a gluten-free meal.


Restaurants & Cafés

Best places to eat and drink in Zambia

Marlin Restaurant, Livingstone

Marlin Restaurant offers a picturesque setting overlooking the Zambezi River, serving a diverse menu featuring traditional Zambian cuisine, including nshima with various accompaniments and grilled meats, as well as international dishes.

Munali Cafe, Lusaka

Munali Cafe is renowned for its artisanal coffee and delectable pastries, making it a perfect spot for breakfast or a midday treat. The cafe also offers a selection of light meals and snacks.

Popular cities in Zambia

Explore local food, attractions and more!

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