Mərdəkan is a historical settlement located on the Absheron Peninsula in Azerbaijan. It is known for its ancient tower, which dates back to the 12th century. The village has a small population and is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, including the Caspian Sea to the east.

Visitors to Mərdəkan can enjoy exploring its historical sites, tranquil atmosphere, and traditional Azerbaijani architecture.

Places to visit

Key Phrases

Speak like a local

  • "Salam" - Hello
  • "Görüşdən sağ ol" - Goodbye
  • "Təşəkkür edirəm" - Thank you
  • "Zəhmət olmasa" - Please
  • "Mənim adım" - My name is
  • "Necəsiniz" - How are you

Day plans

Spend a day exploring around

day 1

Exploring the Beaches

morning:Start your day with a refreshing walk along the picturesque Mərdəkan Beach.

afternoon:For lunch, try the delicious seafood at the beachfront restaurant Mərdəkan Sahili.

evening:In the evening, head to the Shabil Sunset Lounge for stunning views and a relaxing atmosphere.

day 2

Historical Adventures

morning:Visit the ancient Mərdəkan Castle and learn about its fascinating history.

afternoon:Enjoy a traditional Azerbaijani meal at the nearby Gulustan Restaurant.

evening:End the day with a leisurely stroll around the historic streets of Mərdəkan.

day 3

Nature and Relaxation

morning:Spend the morning exploring the lush Mərdəkan Forest and its tranquil surroundings.

afternoon:Indulge in a delightful picnic at one of the scenic spots within the forest.

evening:In the evening, unwind with a spa treatment at the Mərdəkan Spa and Wellness Center.

day 4

Local Culture and Cuisine

morning:Immerse yourself in local culture at the Mərdəkan Museum, showcasing traditional artifacts.

afternoon:Delight in authentic Azerbaijani flavors at the charming Mərdəkan Village Restaurant for lunch.

evening:Experience the vibrant local nightlife at the Mərdəkan Open-Air Club.

Mərdəkan's Famous Food

Delicacies in Mərdəkan you must try!


A hearty stew made with chunks of lamb or beef, chickpeas, chestnuts, and potatoes, slow-cooked in individual clay pots for a unique flavor. Available at traditional restaurants like Piti Dunyası.



Grape leaves or cabbage leaves stuffed with a savory mixture of rice, minced meat, and aromatic herbs. Best sampled at local homes or at restaurants like Nur Restaurant.


Various types of succulent grilled meat skewers, including lamb, beef, and chicken, often accompanied by grilled vegetables and flatbread. Widely available at street food stalls and restaurants like Sahil Restaurant.

Attractions in Mərdəkan

Nice places to capture memories

Mərdəkan Castle

Offers panoramic views of the surrounding area and the Caspian Sea, providing excellent photo opportunities.

Mərdəkan Beach

Features stunning coastal views, perfect for capturing memorable photographs of the sea and the landscape.

Seasonal Advice

Best times to visit and what to expect in different seasons


The best time to visit Mərdəkan is in spring (April to June) when the weather is mild and the surrounding landscape is blooming with beautiful flowers. Expect comfortable temperatures and fewer tourists during this time.


Summer (July to September) is also a good time to visit Mərdəkan, with warm temperatures ideal for outdoor activities and beach visits. However, it can be crowded with tourists during this time.


Autumn (October to November) brings cooler temperatures and the changing colors of the surrounding foliage, making it a picturesque time to visit Mərdəkan. It's also less crowded compared to the summer months.


Winter (December to February) is the off-peak season for Mərdəkan, with cold temperatures and occasional snowfall. It's a quiet time to visit if you enjoy the peacefulness of the winter landscape.

Outdoor Activities in Mərdəkan

Fun outdoor pursuits

Beach activities at Mardakan Beach

Enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and beach volleyball at the beautiful Mardakan Beach.

Visit Mardakan Castle

Explore the historic Mardakan Castle and learn about its significance in Azerbaijani history.

Hiking in Mardakan

Take a leisurely hike to enjoy the scenic views of the surrounding area, including the coast and the nearby hills.

Tipping & Payment

Ensure a smooth experience


Tipping is not widely practiced in Mərdəkan, Azerbaijan. In most places, tips are not expected, but leaving a small amount as a token of appreciation for good service is appreciated.


In Mərdəkan, Azerbaijan, cash is the most commonly used form of payment. However, larger establishments may accept credit or debit cards. It's always best to have some cash on hand for smaller vendors and more informal settings.

Local Etiquette

Tips on cultural norms and respectful behavior


In Mərdəkan, it is customary to greet people with a handshake, especially upon meeting them for the first time. It's important to use the appropriate titles and show respect to elders by greeting them first.

Dining Etiquette

When dining in Mərdəkan, it's polite to wait for the host to start eating before you begin. It's also customary to compliment the host's cooking, and it's polite to leave a little food on your plate to indicate you have had enough.

Respecting Religious Sites

Visitors to Mərdəkan should be aware that the country is predominantly Muslim, and it's important to show respect when visiting religious sites. This includes dressing modestly and removing your shoes before entering mosques.

Things to do in Mərdəkan

Unique local experiences...


Mərdəkan is a coastal town located on the Absheron Peninsula, near Baku. It is known for its resort atmosphere, beaches, and historical sites. In terms of safety, it generally has a relatively low crime rate compared to larger cities. Petty crime, such as pickpocketing, can occur, particularly in crowded areas or during tourist seasons, so visitors should remain vigilant and take common-sense precautions. Emergency services in the area are accessible, and the local community is typically friendly and welcoming towards visitors. Traffic can be a concern, especially during peak tourist times, so caution should be exercised when navigating roads. Overall, Mərdəkan is considered safe for tourists and locals alike, with vibrant local culture and a calm seaside environment.

Nightlife in Mərdəkan

Nestled along the Absheron Peninsula coast, the nightlife in Mərdəkan offers a unique blend of serene seaside ambiance and vibrant local culture. While it's not known for a wild party scene, this coastal town provides a more relaxed and intimate evening experience. One can begin the night with a stroll along the beautiful Mərdəkan beach, where the sound of the Caspian Sea waves creates a soothing backdrop. The beachfront often has small, cozy cafes and restaurants where visitors can enjoy delicious Azerbaijani cuisine and fresh seafood. These eateries sometimes feature live, traditional music, enhancing the dining experience with an authentic cultural touch. For those looking to experience a bit of local flavor, there are a few lounges and teahouses in the town where locals gather. Here, one can enjoy a cup of aromatic Azerbaijani tea or a hookah session, engage in conversation, and sometimes even join a game of backgammon. In the summertime, beach clubs open up, offering a livelier atmosphere with DJ sets, dancing, and a chance to mingle with both locals and tourists. These events, often taking place under the starlit sky, provide the perfect setting for a memorable night by the sea. For a more low-key evening, the historical landmarks, such as the Mərdəkan Castle, offer a picturesque backdrop for a night walk. The peace and quiet of these ancient sites create a distinct contrast to the busier nightlife options in the region. While not a hotspot for clubbing or large-scale entertainment, Mərdəkan's nightlife provides a charming and more laid-back alternative, focusing on intimate gatherings, cultural experiences, and the natural beauty of its coastal setting.

Costs of Living

In this suburban area near Baku, the cost of living is relatively affordable compared to major cities. The prices can vary based on lifestyle and personal choices. Here are some typical costs: - Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center: $300 to $500 per month. - Rent for a one-bedroom apartment outside the city center: $200 to $350 per month. - Utilities (electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage) for an average apartment: $30 to $50 per month. - Internet cost: $10 to $30 per month. - Grocery prices: - Milk (1 liter): $0.80 - Bread (500g): $0.30 - Eggs (12): $1.50 - Chicken breast (1 kg): $3.00 - Apples (1 kg): $1.00 - Rice (1 kg): $1.50 - Eating out: - Meal at an inexpensive restaurant: $5 to $10 - Three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant: $30 to $50. - Public transportation (one way): $0.20 - Taxi start (normal tariff): $0.70, plus $0.20 per km. Overall, living in this area offers a lower cost of living with access to amenities and services. However, prices may fluctuate, and personal preferences can impact overall expenses.

Pet sitters in Mərdəkan

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