Rosario de Lerma

Rosario de Lerma is a charming town located in the Salta province of Argentina. It is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, including mountains and valleys that offer excellent opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking and bird-watching. The town is known for its traditional culture and warm hospitality, with colorful markets and festivals showcasing local craftsmanship and culinary delights.

Visitors to Rosario de Lerma can immerse themselves in the rich heritage of the region while enjoying a tranquil and picturesque setting.

Places to visit

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  • "Gracias" - Thank you
  • "Por favor" - Please
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Day plans

Spend a day exploring around

day 1

Exploring the Outdoors

morning:Start your day with a hike through the stunning landscapes of Cerro San Bernardo. The breathtaking views will surely leave you in awe. Don't forget to stop by Cafeteria El Cruce for a delicious breakfast with a view.

afternoon:Visit the Rosario de Lerma Reservoir for a relaxing afternoon of picnicking, fishing, and bird watching. The tranquility of the reservoir offers the perfect escape from city life. Enjoy a scrumptious lunch at Restaurant El Mirador overlooking the serene waters.

evening:Indulge in the vibrant nightlife at Paseo de Los Poetas. The lively atmosphere and variety of bars and live music venues make it an ideal spot for a memorable night out.

day 2

Cultural Exploration

morning:Begin your day at the Casa de la Cultura, where you can immerse yourself in local art and history. Afterward, grab a bite at Panadería Santa Ana for a delightful breakfast that will fuel your cultural adventures.

afternoon:Take a guided tour of the Candelaria Church and soak in the architectural marvels and historical significance. For lunch, head to Comedor El Buen Sabor for a taste of authentic Argentine cuisine that locals rave about.

evening:Experience the artistic vibe of Rosario de Lerma at the Galería de Arte Arco Iris. The art exhibits and cultural events make it a perfect place to conclude your day.

day 3

Thermal Relaxation

morning:Relax and rejuvenate at the Termas de Rosario de Lerma. The natural thermal waters offer a blissful way to start your day. Afterward, treat yourself to a cozy breakfast at Café Termal El Portalito.

afternoon:Continue your relaxation at the Termas Spa, where pampering treatments and soothing therapies await. Unwind with a delicious lunch at Restaurant Termal with scenic views of the surrounding natural beauty.

evening:Wrap up your day with a tranquil evening at your preferred thermal water pool, followed by stargazing under the clear night sky.

day 4

Adventure and Wildlife

morning:Embark on an adventure at the Parque Natural Quebrada de la Horqueta. Explore the diverse flora and fauna while enjoying the fresh mountain air. Refuel with a tasty breakfast at Café Horqueta surrounded by nature's beauty.

afternoon:Take a safari tour at Reserva Natural Quebrada de las Conchas to witness the indigenous wildlife in their natural habitat. For lunch, savor a selection of regional dishes at Restaurante El Refugio del Condor, a hidden gem nestled in the wilderness.

evening:Experience the thrill of a night safari at Reserva Natural Quebrada de las Conchas to observe the nocturnal creatures and immerse yourself in the untouched natural beauty under the starlit sky.

Rosario de Lerma Famous Food

Must-Try local dishes


A quintessential Argentine dish consisting of a variety of grilled meats, such as beef ribs, sausages, and offal, often enjoyed in social gatherings or at traditional parrillas (steakhouses).


Empanadas Salte√Īas

These savory turnovers filled with spiced meat, potatoes, and regional seasonings are a must-try in Rosario de Lerma. They can be found at local bakeries and restaurants across the town.


A hearty stew made with corn, beans, pork, and other meats, often enjoyed during festivals and special occasions. Look for it at traditional eateries and festivals.

Photography Spots in Rosario de Lerma

Locations for the best views and photo opportunities

Cerro San Bernardo

Cerro San Bernardo is a hill with stunning panoramic views of Rosario de Lerma and the surrounding area. It's a popular spot for photography and offers a great vantage point for capturing the landscape.

Mirador Natural de Rosario de Lerma

The Mirador Natural is a natural viewpoint that provides beautiful vistas of Rosario de Lerma and the valley below. It's a perfect location for capturing scenic photos of the town and its surroundings.

Seasonal Advice

Best times to visit and what to expect in different seasons

Spring (September - November)

Best time to visit Rosario de Lerma, Argentina with pleasant weather, blooming landscapes, and popular events such as the National Grape Harvest Festival.

Summer (December - February)

Ideal for outdoor activities with warm temperatures, and the opportunity to take part in the festive atmosphere during Christmas and New Year's celebrations.

Autumn (March - May)

Mild weather, beautiful fall foliage, and the chance to witness traditional Easter celebrations and religious processions.

Winter (June - August)

Cool temperatures, occasional snowfall in the surrounding mountains, and the possibility to partake in winter sports and enjoy the tranquility of the off-peak tourist season.

Food Markets & Street Food

A food market and street food guide

Feria de Rosario de Lerma

This bustling market offers a wide array of fresh produce, regional specialties, and street food. Visitors can explore local flavors, grab empanadas, and sample freshly squeezed juices and snacks.

Street Food Stalls in Plaza Principal

The main square hosts street food stalls offering a variety of local treats like choripan (grilled sausage in a crusty roll), tamales, and sweet pastries. It's a great spot to sample authentic street food flavors.

Things to do in Rosario de Lerma

Unique local experiences...

Pet sitters in Rosario de Lerma

Relax and unwind while your furry friend enjoys making a new companion!

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