Ghana is a vibrant West African nation known for its rich history, diverse cultures, and significant contributions to the arts, particularly in music and textiles. It boasts a dynamic economy, heavily reliant on agriculture, gold mining, and a rapidly growing technology sector.

With its peaceful democratic governance, scenic coastal landscapes, historic forts, and welcoming communities, Ghana serves as a pivotal example of progress and cultural richness in Africa.

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day 1

Exploring Accra

morning:Start your day with a visit to the lively Makola Market, a bustling and colorful open-air market offering a wide variety of goods. After exploring, head to the nearby Woodin Cafe for a delicious local breakfast.

afternoon:Take a guided tour of the historic Jamestown district, visit the Ussher Fort and learn about Ghana's colonial history. Grab lunch at Buka, a popular spot known for its authentic Ghanaian cuisine.

evening:Experience the vibrant nightlife at the Republic Bar and Grill, known for its live music and lively atmosphere.

day 2

Nature and Culture in Kumasi

morning:Discover the beautiful landscapes at the Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can spot various species of birds and wildlife. Enjoy a refreshing breakfast at Sofline, known for its cozy ambiance and delicious pastries.

afternoon:Explore the rich cultural heritage at the Manhyia Palace Museum, which provides insight into the Ashanti Kingdom. Enjoy a traditional lunch at Ike's Cafe & Grill, offering authentic local dishes.

evening:Savor an evening at the serene Eusbett Hotel, where you can relish delicious food while enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

day 3

Beachside Relaxation in Busua

morning:Spend the morning sunbathing and swimming on the pristine beaches of Busua. Indulge in a scrumptious breakfast at the Busua Beach Resort, with a stunning view of the coastline.

afternoon:Embark on a relaxing canoe excursion on the nearby Butre River, surrounded by lush mangrove forests and peaceful scenery. Enjoy a delightful beachside lunch at the Ahantaman Cafe.

evening:As the sun sets, head to the Black Star Surf Shop to enjoy a laid-back evening of beachside drinks and socializing.

day 4

Cultural Immersion in Cape Coast

morning:Begin the day with an emotional visit to Cape Coast Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site that offers a profound insight into the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Enjoy a hearty breakfast at Oasis Beach Resort, overlooking the stunning coastline.

afternoon:Visit the Elmina Castle, another poignant reminder of Ghana's history. After the tour, savor a traditional Ghanaian meal at the charming Adwoa's Kitchen.

evening:Explore the vibrant nightlife at the Oasis Beach Resort's beach bar, where you can enjoy cocktails and unwind to the sound of the ocean waves.

Ghana Famous Food

Must-Try local dishes

Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is a popular one-pot dish made with rice, tomatoes, onions, and a blend of spices. It's typically served with chicken, fish, or fried plantains. For an authentic experience, try it at Buka Restaurant in Accra.


Banku and Tilapia

Banku is a fermented corn and cassava dough, often paired with grilled tilapia and served with a spicy pepper sauce. For a true taste of this dish, visit the Labadi Beach area in Accra where you'll find several seaside restaurants serving fresh Banku and Tilapia.


Kelewele is a beloved street snack made of spicy, fried plantains. You can find vendors selling Kelewele in various neighborhoods, particularly in the evenings when it's a popular choice for a quick and flavorful bite.

Food Markets & Street Food

A food market and street food guide

Makola Market

Makola Market in Accra is a bustling hub of activity where you can find an array of street food options, fresh produce, and local spices. Be sure to try the waakye, a traditional Ghanaian dish with rice and beans, sold by vendors within the market.

Osu Night Market

The Osu Night Market offers a lively atmosphere and an abundance of street food choices, from grilled meats to fufu (pounded cassava and plantain) with light soup. It's an excellent place to sample an assortment of Ghanaian street foods in a vibrant setting.

Dietary Restrictions

Navigating dietary restrictions locally

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

While Ghanaian cuisine prominently features fish and meat, many restaurants and eateries now offer vegetarian and vegan alternatives. Places like Bistro 22 in Accra and Tea Baa in Kumasi are known for their diverse veg-friendly menus.

Vegetarian, Vegan

Gluten-free Choices

Individuals with gluten restrictions can find several options in Ghanaian cuisine. Dishes like waakye (rice and beans) and kenkey (fermented maize dumplings) are naturally gluten-free, and many restaurants are accommodating to dietary needs.


Restaurants & Cafés

Best places to eat and drink in Ghana

Azmera Restaurant

Located in Kumasi, Azmera Restaurant is celebrated for its authentic Ghanaian cuisine, including fufu and groundnut soup. The cozy ambiance and flavorful dishes make it a must-visit for an immersive dining experience.

Republic Bar & Grill

This popular spot in Accra is known for its laid-back atmosphere and a menu featuring a fusion of Ghanaian and international cuisines. From tasty kebabs to vegetarian options like jollof rice, there's something to please every palate.

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